What do I have to do to Stay Active with Origami Owl?

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If you are considering joining Origami Owl, you might want to know what it takes to stay active. Well look no further, I’m here to help you navigate the requirements.

So first, let’s distinguish between the terms ACTIVE  and  QUALIFIED. 

Qualified Status

This is a monthly status. Each month resets to 0 PV. To be qualified, you need to have at least 75 PV.  According to the FAQs on Origami Owl’s website, PV stands for Personal Volume. It is a point value assigned to each commissionable product sold. Business supplies and Hostess rewards are not assigned Personal Volume. For example, a $5.00 charm carries a $2.50 PV value.  Usually, two locket sets a month will get you qualified.

You must be qualified at least one month in a rolling three month period to be considered active.

Active Status

To remain active, and continue to use your 20-40% discount, you must have been qualified in the past rolling three month period. If you are in danger of losing your active status, you will receive an email from Origami Owl. Your own mentor will also probably reach out.

Inactive Status

If your designer account goes inactive, your discount / commission will reduce to 15%. If you previously had a team, they will roll up to the next active designer permanently. You will also loose any titles advancements you have earned in the past.  You are no longer eligible to sponsor a new designer. Inactive Designers will be able to access their Back Office, Personal Web Page and purchase Jewelry at a 15% discount. Additionally, Inactive Designers will still earn a 15% commission on any orders submitted on their Personal Web Page.


To reactivate, all you need to do is generate 75 PV in a single calendar month. You have one year from the last qualified month to reactive.

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