Tips for your In Home Jewelry Bars!

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Hello Origami Owl Designers! You’ve got your schedule out, and you’ve booked in home Jewelry Bars – now what?

What to Do before the Jewelry Bar? 

Hostess Coaching: This is your number one step to success. This can make or break your party! Make sure you set your hostess up for success. I get my hostess Take Out Menus (catalogs) about ten to fifteen days before the party. I love to give them a challenge to collect four orders BEFORE the party. This qualifies your party (assuming the orders add up to $250 or more) and gets your hostess earning rewards before the party even starts!

Tell your hostesses to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Something sweet, something salty, and something to drink No need to put out an elaborate spread. Use the ALICE list to help the hostess build her guest list. (Available in the Back Office)

If your hostess is reluctant to host in their own home, here are some suggestions of alternatives.

  • Coffee Shops
  • Community Centers
  • Library
  • Restaurant
  • Club House
  • Friend’s House


What do I do AT the Jewelry Bar? 

Introduce yourself to each of the guests! Write their name on their take out menu as they walk in the door. It’s theirs to keep! It is also a great way to remind you of their name as the party progresses. Give them a pen so they can circle the items they love!

While they are sitting there waiting for the presentation to start, have the guests pick 5 charms that describe the hostess the most. I’ve had the hostess choose 5 before the party begins. The guests get one point for guessing the charm correct, and two points for getting it in the right order. This does a couple of things – it gets the guests thinking of what would fit them as they look, and it also helps the hostess think of additional charms as she hears the guest’s opinions. As designers, we think in charms, and the point of this game is to train our customers to do the same.

The Designer Take out Menu is your best friend! It looks just like a regular Take out Menu – but it has a script and suggestions in it to help you keep your place as you present. This helps you be confident while presenting, but also helps you look professional as well. Make sure you watch my YouTube video below for a great booking game to play at your Jewelry Bar as well!


I encourage my guests to touch, look and feel  the jewelry while they are at the Jewelry Bar. I want them to see the quality and have the experience of building a locket.

When booking your jewelry bars at the party, make sure to have an availability calendar available. “Hot Dates” are the dates you’d like to book first, and can be booked  with an incentive (free charm, etc.).


…Only a Few Guests Show? Hopefully you’ve collected your four outside orders and already have the party qualified. Having only a few guests show isn’t necessarily a bad thing – because you will be able to give them a personalized shopping experience and be able to talk to them one on one about the business opportunity as well.

…No One Shows up? Again, hopefully you’ve collected your four outside orders.  Use this opportunity to talk to your hostess about the business opportunity. Give them a personal shopping appointment. You’ve already blocked this time out on your calendar for your business – so give your business a boost!


How do I be confident if I’m new? Use the Designer Catalog – but more importantly, BE YOURSELF! People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. Let people know who you really are, and help them to be confident to be themselves. Practice. Video tape yourself.

How long should the Jewelry Bar be? Two hours from show up time, to leaving the hostesses’ home. If the party is going well, as long as the hostess is OK with it, it might be appropriate to stay longer.

Do you enter the order while you are at the Hostess’ home? Yes! I usually set up a checkout station – make sure to watch the video to see how I ensure to ask EVERY guest to host and join. I usually bring my laptop or iPad and enter the order while I ask them about the charms that they’ve chosen, while listening to cues for up sell opportunities. I show them the shopping cart on the screen to ensure that they are getting exactly what they’ve envisioned. I process the Credit Card as they are sitting there to ensure that the card processes without a problem.

Do you have more questions? Comment below and I’d be happy to answer them!








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