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What’s the O2 Bonus Pool and how do I get extra money?

There are many ways to get paid as an Origami Owl designer, but I LOVE this particular program! Anytime an order is placed on the corporate website (not through an Origami Owl Independent Designer), the commissions from that order go into a bonus pool. As a reward to those who are consistently working their Origami Owl business, that bonus is split between the eligible designers! Who doesn’t love FREE MONEY!?

How to Qualify for the O2 Bonus Pool Payout

  • Be an Active Origami Owl Designer
    • If you are an inactive designer, looking to join again – you can contact cgsupport@origamiowl.com with your old designer ID and let them know that you’d like to be under my team. My Designer ID is 47130
  • Subscribe to the O2 Bundle ($9.99 a month or $99 a Year)
    • This can be done in your back office
    • This will give you advanced reporting
    • This will also refer customers and new designer leads to you
  • Be a StoryBuilder all three months of the Quarter
    • StoryBuilder status is achieved by earning at least 250 PV in a month
    • This is one of the many ways you are rewarded for being a StoryBuilder. StoryBuilders also receive an extra 10% commission, and are able to purchase the hostess exclusive at a discount.

The bonus payout varies based on the sales in the previous quarter and how many designers qualified for the payout. The O2 Bonus Pool payout usually occurs at the end of the month following the end of the quarter. For example, Quarter two includes April, May and June, and will be paid out at the end of July.

That’s it! These are things that I already do with my business, so essentially it’s FREE MONEY!

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