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This fall, function meets fashion with Origami Owl’s new Moodology Line. The Moodology Jewelry Line from Origami Owl is a wearable essential oil diffuser. Essential Oils have long been used to help a variety of different issues. We focus on the affect that the oils can have on your mood.

I love the new concept and the Jewelry is simply gorgeous. We have necklaces, bracelets, and even key chains! The jewelry takes on a filigree look that’s elegant in any of the four metal finishes available. (Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold)

Check out the intro video:


How to Create your own Moodology Locket

First, decide how you want to feel today! Select one of four Moodology essential oil blends based on your need to feel calmer, happier, more energetic or healthier.

  • Happy – Bad Day Be Gone – MY FAVORITE! A citrus blend to help elevate your mood.
  • Calm – No Place Like Ohm – A calming blend featuring lavender and chamomile.
  • Energy – Pep in My Step – An energizing peppermint blend.
  • Fit – Slimmer Down Now – A cinnamon citrus blend that helps with appetite suppression.


Next, choose your Sentiments Living Locket. Create a pendant of well-being worn around your neck or choose to enjoy the scent of Moodology 100% pure essential oil blends on your wrist. You also can put one of our Sentiments Lockets on a keychain.

Lastly, choose a Mood Disc to place inside your Sentiments Living Locket®. Think of this Mood Disc as a decorative and functional “Charm” you add your essential oil blend to and use exclusively with your Sentiments Living Locket. This is what absorbs the essential oil and helps to diffuse it. The disc will last about 30 days (1-2 drops of oil per day). Our oils are also a 30 day supply. It’s also important to note that our oils are 100% Pure Essential Oils Blends.

You can purchase yours here!   

Here are a few of my favorite looks featuring the line:



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