Jewelry for your Skin Tone – How to Choose

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Have you ever noticed how certain jewelry just really POPs on some people? That’s because you can really accentuate your skin tone by choosing the right metal for your Jewelry!

Step One: Determine your Skin Tone

You can easily determine your skin tone by looking at your wrist, and seeing what color your veins appear. Use this handy chart to determine your skin tone.

By following the chart above, you can determine your skin type and then better select metals and gemstones that work with your skin type. White Metals such as silver or white gold tend to look better on those with a cool skin tone. You can also pair our Swarovski crystals in red, purple, or blue to help your jewelry pop!  Warm skin tones tend to be more olive complected. They really look fantastic in gold or rose gold metals. The Swarovski crystals that would compliment their locket the best would be yellow, green or orange.

Step Two:  Shop for Jewelry that Compliments your Skin Tone.

For those of you with cool skin tone, here are some of my favorite items that will really make you look fantastic!

This look features a silver Living Locket with our Convertible Chain – giving you two different length options. You can purchase it here.  It pairs perfectly with the earrings which can be purchased here.

Warm Skin tones will sparkle with these fantastic looks!

The watch can be filled with any of our charms, including the Swarovski Crystals. You can purchase the watch here. They pair perfectly with our hoop earrings, which can be purchased here. 


No matter what your skin tone is, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit with Origami Owl Jewelry.  Black metals and our clear Swarovski crystals should look fabulous with any skin type. You can Shop the entire site by going here.

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