How Do I Get A Discount on Origami Owl?

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Now that you’ve fallen in LOVE with Origami Owl Custom Lockets, you might be asking “How can I get a discount on Origami Owl?”

There are several ways to get a discount on Origami Owl:

Host a Jewelry Bar!

Perhaps the easiest way to get a discount (and even free) jewelry is to host a Jewelry Bar. A Jewelry Bar is our version of a party!  Think of going down a salad bar and picking out the perfect ingredients to build your meal. This is a similar idea. You go down the Jewelry Bar and pick out the perfect locket, charms, and accessories. You can host a Jewelry Bar by

. I offer in home Jewelry Bars in the Salt Lake City area, and online / catalog parties anywhere in the USA!  You can see our current hostess rewards and party qualifications by going here.  I promise to work with you and help you maximize your rewards!


Join My Facebook VIP Group

I love to spoil my VIP members with flash sales, and special offers, such as the Charm of the Month Club Don’t worry, we know how to have a good time too! Join here.

Join My Origami Owl Team

When you become an Origami Owl Designer, you can start out with a 20-40% discount! The requirements to stay active are pretty simple. See my blog post about it here. What’s even better, is that once you start sharing Origami Owl with others and selling, you can actually get an additional 10% commission / discount. That’s a 30-50% discount – one of the highest commission / discounts in the Direct Sales industry.

There are many levels of designer activity. This allows each designer to have the business that fits them and their needs.

Origami Owl Designer Levels

Kitnapper – A designer who only joins to gain the contents of the starter kit. This is usually offered at an incredible value and is a great way to build your personal collection.

A Discount Diva – A designer who enjoyed the kit so much that they are  looking to purchase their own jewelry collection at a discount.  The 20-40 % discount continues as long as you are “qualified”.  If you aren’t qualified three months in a row, your discount drops to 15%.

A Hobbyist – A designer who not only gets the discount, but enjoys sharing and selling with friends and family.

A Part-Time Designer – A designer who enjoys making extra money each month by sharing Origami Owl and hosting an occasional Jewelry Bar. These designers typically earn over 250 PV a month, and can qualify as a StoryBuilder and enjoy an extra 10% discount / commission.

Full Time Designer – These designers are not only sharing the Origami Owl product, but are also sharing the Origami Owl opportunity with others and building a team. These designers not only enjoy a full 30-50% discount / commission, but are eligible to earn extra money by sponsoring new designers via the Origami Owl Career Plan.

I’ve grown so much in my 4 years with Origami Owl, and I’ll be forever grateful that I decided to take the plunge and join! I’ve been able to earn the incentive cruise, build a team of over 70 women, and meet lifelong friends.  If this might interest you, let’s talk!  If you’re ready to join – head over here! 


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