How to Create Digital Outfits on Polyvore

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I really enjoy using the Polyvore app to create fun looks that can be paired with Origami Owl custom lockets. I have had a lot of designers and customer ask me how I do it – so I’ve decided to put together a step by step guide!

I’ve used both the Polyvore website on a lap top, and the app on my iPhone, and I prefer the app. It seems to be not only more convienent, but a bit more user friendly. So for this tutorial, we will be using the app!

Step One: 

Find the look on Origami Owl’s website that you’d like to feature in your outfit. I’ve found that using the looks that are already in a set works the best, because all of the items are the right proportions. Once you’ve found a look, take a screen shot.  I’ve found that screenshots work better than saving the image itself.

Step Two:

Open the Polyvore App – and go to “Create” on the bottom, and then “Go to editor”. Once you have opened the editor, you’ll want to click on the camera icon on the upper right hand side. This is where you can add the screen shot you just took of your O2 Jewelry! Crop the photo and insert it. (Note- sometimes once you move the inserted picture, it resizes it and it distorts the image. If it does this, delete the image, and go to “My Items”. It will show your cropped image, and once you insert this image, it should work. This doesn’t happen all of the time, just once in a while, but this is the workaround)

Step Three:

Insert your outfit options to go with your locket. This particular one I created has a wedding theme – so I chose a wedding dress, a ring, and a few wedding related images.

Step Four:

Add text or embellishments. Polyvore has some options you can use, or you can create your own. I always watermark mine with my Instagram handle, @moejodesigns.

Step Five:

Once your look is complete, you can either Publish it to Polyvore, or just take another screen shot of the completed look. You’ll need to crop out the design you created.

That’s it! It sounds like a lot of steps, but I promise, one you have done it a few times, you’ll get really quick!


Here are a couple of looks that I’ve created using the Polyvore  App!


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